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International Students

CAUT Policy Statement

The recruitment of international students to Canadian institutions fosters the international exchange and development of knowledge, promotes cultural diversity and understanding, enriches the educational experience of students and academic staff, and facilitates international cooperation and development.

There should be no discrimination against international students on any grounds including race, creed, colour, ancestry, citizenship, ethnic or national origin, political or religious affiliation, belief or practice, sexual orientation, gender expression/identity, disability, marital status, family relationship and responsibility, or ability to pay.

Admission of international students to institutions in Canada, and their subsequent evaluation, should be based on the same academic and linguistic criteria as domestic students. Such criteria should be developed and applied by academic staff.

The recruitment of international students should not be motivated by financial gain. No differential fees should be applied to international students. Canadian institutions should not enter into agreements with for-profit corporations to recruit and enroll international students into their private for-profit colleges.

To ensure that the recruiters of international students at all times comply with high ethical standards and act at all times in the best interests of applicants and of the Canadian institution to which the student is recruited, the policies and practice for the recruitment of international students should be regularly reviewed and should be subject to ongoing monitoring by the institution.

Where they exist, provincial health care charges for international students should be abolished. Coverage of international students under public medicare and hospitalization plans should be equivalent to that for domestic students.

Scholarships and other financial assistance for international students should be sufficient to ensure that qualified students are not denied access to Canadian institutions for financial reasons, and to meet the emergency needs of students and their families.

Institutions should employ specialized, trained staff to provide support services, commensurate with the number and diversity of students recruited, to meet the needs of international students, and to comply with the legal duty to provide services free from discrimination.

Where appropriate, institutions should provide academic staff with resources and professional development opportunities to facilitate teaching, supervision, evaluation methods, provision of library services, etc. that may assist in accommodating special needs of international students. Such accommodations may in no way be imposed on academic staff, or detract from their academic freedom rights to determine pedagogical methods and standards.

Any increase in workload or exacerbation of workload inequities among academic staff that may result from their provision of assistance to international students should be recognized and remunerated accordingly.

Institutions should provide reasonable assistance to international students in their relations with police, immigration, and other authorities.

Approved by the CAUT Council, May 2017.