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CAUT Policy Statement

All job vacancies at Canadian universities and colleges must be made known to Canadians and permanent residents through advertisements in the CAUT Bulletin and University Affairs and/or their associated websites, as well as any other sources as appropriate.

Each university or college should have an appointments review committee, appointed jointly by the academic staff association and the administration, with a clear majority of academic staff members on it. The committee is to advise the president on all appointments; evaluating whether each vacancy was adequately advertised in Canada, the qualifications listed were reasonable, the selection procedures were fair, and an active effort was made to recruit Canadians and permanent residents.

Canadian citizens and permanent resident applicants must be considered first. Positions are only to be offered to foreign national candidates if there are no qualified Canadian citizens or permanent resident applicants. Departments/faculties seeking to make appointments of international candidates must satisfy the appointments review committee of the justification for such decisions before an offer can be made.

Approved by the CAUT Council, November 2005;
Editorial revisions, February 2010;
Editorial Revisions, February 2015;
Editorial Revisions, April 2024.