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Procedures for CAUT Awards

The current six CAUT national awards (Milner, Sarah Shorten, Librarians and Archivists Distinguished Service, Donald C. Savage, Equity and Bernice Schrank) should be for distinguished contributions that have broad implications for our profession:

(a) CAUT national awards should be recommended “as appropriate” to ensure that they are only put forward when each committee responsible for nominating candidates feels there is a deserving recipient.

(b) There should be no arbitrary limit on the frequency with which each award is given. If a committee responsible for nominating award candidates to Council feels there are several meritorious candidates in the same year, they should have the freedom to recommend multiple award winners to Council. If they feel there are no meritorious candidates for several years, they should not be obligated to forward nominations for the award.

(c) With respect to generating recommendations to committees responsible for nominating candidates:

i. Nomination procedures for CAUT national awards should be posted on the CAUT website, announced at Council and publicized in the CAUT Bulletin;

ii. Committees responsible for nominating award candidates to Council should be encouraged to take an active role in identifying prospective award winners and not be restricted to awaiting recommendations;

iii. Committees should ensure staff gather a proper portfolio of information about prospective award winners and not allow the committee to be restricted to what recommenders choose to submit. The award is a reflection on CAUT, not the person who puts forward the name.

(d)The description of criteria and procedures for each of the six CAUT national awards should be modified as necessary to reflect the above recommendations.

Approved by Council, November 2015;
Reviewed-no changes, February 2024.