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Policy on the Role of Staff in CAUT Elections

The staff play an important role in providing professional advice and assistance to the officers in carrying out the mandate of Council.  It is essential that the members have confidence in this support role of the staff, and in the political accountability of the officers.  It is also essential that staff be able to work effectively with whoever the officers are, and with the staff of the constituent associations.  In order that the staff can maintain this relationship to the elected officers and other staff,  the staff will not involve themselves in elections in any manner, and will not in particular offer any form of support for, or opposition to, the candidacy of any individual.  Any alleged violation shall be reported in writing to the Chair of the Elections and Resolutions Committee for investigation and possible action under appropriate disciplinary provisions of the collective agreements.

Candidates for office in CAUT or for membership on committees will not request staff to participate in their election campaigns.  Where staff are entitled to vote under the relevant By-laws, this statement is not intended to require that they refrain from doing so.
Approved by the CAUT Council, September 1987; reviewed by the
CAUT Executive Committee, February 2001;
editorial revisions, February 2006.