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Awards & Scholarships

Lee Lorch Award

The CAUT Lee Lorch Award recognizes academics who excel in each of the domains of academic life: teaching, research, service to the institution and to the community. The recipients will be individuals whose teaching, research and service have contributed noticeably to the lives of their students, to their institution, to their field of study, and to the community.


The Award will be given annually. Nominations for the Award may be submitted by individuals, member associations or others, using this form. Deadline for nominations is August 31, 2017.

Nominators should submit a letter explaining the rationale for the nomination and give detailed information about the nominee’s record in teaching, research and service. It is essential that the nominator provide information for each of these three areas as excellence in all three is a requirement for eligibility for the Award. The nominator should also include documentation that would help the jury in its decision making. It is the responsibility of the nominators to provide all necessary information as the jury will review only the material it receives.

Nominations will be adjudicated by a jury approved by CAUT Council. The jury’s recommendation will be made to the Fall Council for approval.

The award will be presented at the Spring CAUT Council. The recipient will be invited to give an address to Council. The address will be subsequently published by CAUT. The recipient will receive a $1,000 honorarium with the award.