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Briefs & Reports

The latest issue of CAUT’s Education Review highlights what is at stake in the upcoming legislative review of the Copyright Act. Currently, the Act balances just remuneration for authors and allowing educators and researchers to make knowledge accessible. Corporate publishers are working hard to change the balance to restrict the use of copyrighted works in the education sector.
CAUT members create copyrighted material, including course content, journal articles and textbooks – in traditional and new media forms. CAUT understands the importance of protecting creators' rights in these works and through the collective bargaining process.
The Liberal government has laid out a vision for jobs and growth - focusing on skills development, innovation and infrastructure investment. Achieving this will require deeper action to strengthen post-secondary education and research.
The purpose of this report is to draw a demographic and labour market profile of academic and professional librarians in Canadian universities and colleges. It is based on a CAUT survey of librarians at 116 institutions.
The burning of fossil fuels is triggering changes to the global climate that will have catastrophic environmental, economic and social consequences. The magnitude of the problem, and the deep challenges associated with confronting it, can seem overwhelming.