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Education Review

Librarians in Canada’s Universities & Colleges State of the Profession 2000–2014

What is the state of the academic librarian profession? The latest issue of CAUT’s Education Review explores this question, relying on data collected in our Librarian Salary and Academic Status Survey (LSASS). It paints a demographic and labour market profile that tells the story of the change in key working conditions for librarians, archivists and curators at universities and colleges in Canada from 2000-2014.

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Equity Review

The Persistent Gap: Understanding male-female salary differentials amongst Canadian academic staff (March 2011)

There has been a long-standing concern amongst policymakers, economists, and trade unions over the persistent earnings gap between men and women in the Canadian labour market. Adjusting for age, rank and discipline, this study finds a narrowing but persistent earnings gap between male and female academic staff in Canada.

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