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Briefs & Reports

What is Fair? is intended to assist academic staff in carrying out their roles on peer committees, especially those concerned with tenure, renewal, and promotion decisions. Through a series of questions and answers, it provides general guidance on the procedural components of peer review as well as the ethical and professional obligations of those who participate in peer evaluations.
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, universities and colleges in Canada have transitioned to remote instruction through various online platforms and software. Academic staff should be aware that these tools raise important privacy and intellectual property rights issues.
Post-secondary education and research benefits all Canadians. Individual benefits spill over and help everyone, including those who do not attend PSE themselves, contributing to an enhanced quality of life, a stronger economy, and a robust democracy. Countries with higher educated populations generally have: Post-secondary education transforms lives and builds a better Canada. This is why CAUT is calling on federal leaders to strengthen post-secondary education.
Ontario and Alberta have recently announced plans for performance-based funding (PBF) for universities. This Education Review highlights the dangers of this approach and calls on academic staff associations to take action through bargaining, coalition building and advocacy to resist the imposition of PBF which has been shown in other jurisdictions to have deleterious, rather than positive, impacts on the quality of education.
The Canadian Association of University Teachers is pleased to participate in the 2020 Federal Budget consultations and presents its recommendations.