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Post-secondary education and research benefits all Canadians. Individual benefits spill over and help everyone. This is why CAUT is calling on federal leaders to strengthen post-secondary education.
Impacts of the pandemic on post-secondary teachers and staff. Summary of our survey.
Recommendations on how to tackle the impacts of the pandemic on post-secondary teachers and staff
The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed our nation in the span of months, leaving not only governments, but many Canadians, working to find ways to recover from its financial and social impacts. The recommendations outlined in this submission highlight how the post-secondary education sector can respond and assist with these crises after the pandemic.
A strong and vital post-secondary education sector is an essential foundation for innovation, science and economic success in Canada. It creates the knowledge needed to meet national and international challenges, it trains the talent necessary to make Canada a competitive leader, and it develops the critical thought essential for a democratic and just country.