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Psychosocial & Mental Health aspects of Health & Safety

April 29, 2021 at 1:00pm - at 4:00pm

Health & Safety Training

Thursday, April 29, from 1pm to 4pm (Eastern time)

This program provides a basic understanding of psychosocial work hazards and how they may impact workers’ mental health. It outlines the health effects associated with psychosocial hazards and explores a range of workplace factors. Participants will discuss methods to identify and assess psychosocial hazards, including policies and programs, physical and cognitive demands analysis and workplace surveys. The program concludes with a discussion on preventative and protective measures for a safer and healthier workplace. Video clips and case studies also engage learners and help them identify and understand contributing and workplace factors, as well as gain a basic understanding of the accommodation process.


Registration for this training is closed.


For more information on this session, please contact the CAUT Education Officer, Justine De Jaegher, at