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Costing Collective Bargaining Proposals


This manual and the associated templates present a framework for modelling compensation structures and costing collective bargaining proposals. However, the full value of the framework is built on the principles of providing a comprehensive, agile, and systematic tool for academic staff associations to estimate costs independently from the administration’s estimates. Changes in the bargaining environment and strategic challenges facing academic staff associations in the university and college sector have made the capacity to cost proposals an essential skill. This guide is designed to provide associations and unions representing academic staff a practical, step-by-step approach for calculating cost estimates associated with collective bargaining proposals. Download pdf


Costing Bargaining Proposals Video

Collective Bargaining Manual –  View the video

Part 1 - A Framework for Costing Bargaining Proposals

Part 1 presents the overall framework for the costing model and introduces key terms used in costing. Download pdf // Slides & Videos

Part 2 - Identifying Elements of Compensation & Collecting Information

Part 2 presents a systematic approach to identifying all of the elements of compensation and collecting information about total compensation costs. Download pdf // Videos & Slides

Part 3 - Calculating Costs & Building the Base Year Model

Part 3 takes the information collected about compensation, calculates costs in consistent formats, and creates a Base Year Model. Download pdf // Videos

Part 4 - Costing During Negotiations

Part 4 shows how the Base Year Model supports cost calculations in dynamic bargaining environments. Download pdf // Videos


Appendices A to E present a fictional case, the Great Northern University, to demonstrate the application of the costing methods reviewed in the manual. Download pdf

Costing Template with Formatted Excel Formulas

– Download the document in Excel format