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October 2022


Librarians and archivists as defenders of academic freedom

By Leslie Sinclair In 2009, the former Grant MacEwan Community College transitioned to MacEwan University. The...

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October 2022

President’s Message / Consulting for austerity

By Peter McInnis​ The notion that our professional careers as researchers and educators may be...

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October 2022

CAUT Bulletin — October 2022

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October 2022

By the numbers / Gender differences in tenure and in perceptions of fairness

Tenure in Canadian Universities by Gender Family leave and time to tenure in less than 5 years ...

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In this Issue

By David Robinson The legal protection of academic freedom in Canada occupies a unique space, one in which...
By Élise Lepage and Carlo Lavoie When we take the time to consider the situations facing Francophone...
By CAUT Staff On October 5, 2022, Ontario’s Superior Court approved Laurentian University’s plan of...
By CAUT Staff A report from a Quebec institute says high tuition fees and the prospect of going into debt...
CAUT staff appointments Catherine Aubin Executive Services Project Coordinator (Term) Catherine joined the...


Interview / Alison Macrina

Alison Macrina is executive director of the Library Freedom Project, a not-for-profit organization that supports...

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