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News / Federal government urged to invest in basic research

News / Federal government urged to invest in basic research / tdub_video

In its pre-budget submission to the 2018 budget consultations, CAUT is calling on the federal government to boost funding for basic research. CAUT is urging the government to act on the recommendations of its science review panel and invest an additional $1.3 billion over 4 years.

“Their own review has shown that the government has to become a stronger partner on basic research,” said Pam Foster, CAUT’s director of research and political action. “Canada is losing ground on science compared to other countries. Invest-ing in research is investing in our future.”

CAUT’s pre-budget submission also makes recommendations on ways the federal government can better support Canada’s climate research networks, invest further in Indigenous education, strengthen employment equity programs, and increase federal transfers for post-secondary education.

“The 2018 budget is an opportunity for the government to show leadership and build a stronger, more resilient, and more inclusive Canada,” added Foster. “To realize this vision it must boost investments in fundamental science and post-secondary education as the foundations for a better future.”