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Election of CAUT’s Executive Committee

(Ottawa —18 May, 2017) At the 82nd Council meeting of the Canadian Association of University Teachers, there were elections for several Executive Committee positions.

President James Compton and Vice-President Brenda Austin-Smith were reappointed and four new members were elected to the Executive Committee: David Newhouse (Trent) is the new representative-at-large (Aboriginal); Sarika Bose (UBC) is the new Chair of the Contract Academic Staff Committee; Pat Armstrong (York) is the new Co-Chair of the Equity Committee; and Blanca Navarro Pardinas (Moncton-Edmunston) is the new Representative-at-large (Francophone).

“We are honored and energized by this Council. We will work hard to push our agenda on different key issues, including the implementation of the Science Review, defending academic  freedom, fighting for better governance in our universities and help our members facing bargaining challenges such as the use of performance metrics,” said CAUT President James Compton.

“I also wanted to personally thank Jacqueline Holler, Marie Battiste, Jim Gerlach and Linda Lequin for their dedication and hard work over the last years in the Executive Committee. It is the deep commitment of activists like you that make our organization grow in a world more and more complex,” added Compton.

Below is the complete list of Executive Committee members for 2017-18.

President: James Compton - WESTERN (UWOFA)

Past President: Robin Vose - ST. THOMAS (FAUST)

Vice-President: Brenda Austin-Smith - MANITOBA (UMFA)

Treasurer: Yalla Sangaré - SAINTE-ANNE (APPBUSA) 

Chair, AF&T: Peter McInnis - ST. FRANCIS XAVIER (ST.FXAUT)

Chair, CBEBC: Terri Van Steinburg- KWANTLEN (FPSE)

Chair, L&A: Carla Graebner - SIMON FRASER (SFUFA)


Co-Chair, Equity: Pat Armstrong – YORK (YUFA)

Co-Chair, Equity: Wesley Crichlow - UOIT (UOITFA)

Representative-at-large (General): Kelly Meckling - GUELPH (UGFA)

Representative-at-large (General): Kevin Kane – ALBERTA (AASUA)

Representative-at-large (Aboriginal): David Newhouse – TRENT (TUFA)

Representative-at-large (Quebec): John Kingma – LAVAL (SPUL)

Representative-at-large (Francophone): Blanca Navarro Pardinas - EDMUNSTON (ABPPUM-CE)