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Strike Vote at the Université de Moncton

(Moncton — March 1, 2017) A special meeting of the Université de Moncton Faculty Association (ABPPUM) will be held on Monday, March 13. Members will take a strike vote during the meeting. Voting will last two days, and the results will be known on March 14 at the end of the day. The Faculty Association expects to go on strike on March 16.

University President Raymond Théberge refuses to respect the principle of wage parity between professors and librarians working at the Moncton campus and their provincial Anglophone counterparts for the period of July 2016 to June 2018, even though he signed an agreement to this end in December 2015.

“After a series of conciliation meetings, the president isn’t even offering half of the salary increase required to achieve wage parity,” ABPPUM President Étienne Dako explained. “Not only is President Théberge going back on his word. He is also perpetuating a flagrant injustice against Francophone faculty members who are just as competent as Anglophone faculty members in the areas of teaching, research and contributions to the advancement of the province in various fields.”

Since their strike in 2000, 17 years ago, ABPPUM professors and librarians have continued to fight to be recognized as the equals of New Brunswick Anglophone professors and librarians. The Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour has just appointed a mediator, and the ABPPUM is willing to cooperate fully with her in order to find a solution that will result in abiding by the letter of agreement signed in 2015 and honouring the principle of wage parity.