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CAUT Bulletin March 2017

  • Governance on the rocks

    Do academic staff today have much of a say in university & college governance?
  • President’s message / Through the looking glass

    Corporate administrative logic has become deeply entrenched as common sense within our public universities. Battles are being fought across Canada to reassert faculty participation against top-down hierarchical models.
  • Commentary / Can collegiality be negotiated?

    The crisis in university governance will only be brought to a better state through the active participation of faculty in existing governing structures.
  • Academic advisor

    How does one become a member of the university board of governors?
  • Book review

    Leading the modern university: York University’s presidents on continuity and change, 1974–2014
  • Interview / Jennifer Dekker

    In mid-January, the Association of Professors of the University of Ottawa won a court decision allowing for a review of major salary increases to two senior administrators. The APUO believes the pay hikes contravene Ontario’s executive public-sector wage freeze.